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Sandbox MMO – Unreal 5. Turn key PvP. No pay to win.


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Housing and Land Ownership

The Metagates land sale is coming soon. You can apply for presale using the form below.

Specific items from “The Business” collection can be transmuted to receive various housing benefits. Stay tuned for more information and make sure to check out the info on transmutation!

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Metagates is a project combining the passions of art and technology.

Our world reflects our passions

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Death Mage

A death mage is well studied in the path of a lich, capable of siphoning life from opponents.


A spearman can inflict heavy wounds and damage over time effects on opponents.

Frost Mage

Frost mages are glass cannons who can inflict heavy area of effect and single target damage on opponents.

Fire Mage

A fire mage is a combination of damage over time and crowd control.

Demonic Warrior

A warrior can deal devastating blows that stun and control opponents.


Some warriors are built for sustain and are able to tank heavy damage while wearing plate armor, others can focus their damage in light armor.

Introducing the Owlchemist

Building a Portal

The Owlchemist is an interactive NPC in our game that bridges the gap between the Metaverse and our reality.

Not only is he a character in our game, but he is also a mysterious being in our Discord community.

All Metagates assets are designed to be 3D printed on industrial manufacturing systems for mass production. We actively seek out unique art projects and integrate them into our Metaverse with the intention of 3D printing the models.

We have built this system to be compatible with other games, if you are interested in beta testing our digital-to-physical bridge, please contact us!

About Metagates

Meet the Team

Nick Liverman

Background in 3D Printing and Design, Medical R&D and Production, and Unreal. Gamer.

David Stein

Background in Geology, 3D Printing, R&D, and Unreal Development. Gamer.

Robert Mowdy

Background in DeFi Perpetuals, Exchange Operations, Tokenomics, and Monetization. Gamer.

Diletta De Santis

Background as an Art Director, specialized in Concept Design and Digital Creation

Sebastian Schmidt

Background in Frontend Development, UI/UX and Digital Marketing. Gamer.