Dev Blog: February 2022

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly newsletter!

We will be sharing details of our roadmap on the 1st of every month to keep you informed on the latest happenings at Metagates.

*Disclaimer: This is a rough roadmap meaning not all timelines and deadlines are 100% but an approximation of everything we aim to ambitiously achieve each month. We have a team of grinders and we will try our hardest to make a game we all enjoy.

We have been working quite hard to create content and push this idea forward this year. We have created this blog section that we plan to post on regularly, which should make it easier for you all to keep up with our progress in an easily-accessible and organized way.

Super Early Pre Alpha Testing

The basic combat system is installed:

  • Naked/Base character stats added to the game
  • Health (decimal value, adds to total health pool)
  • Mana (decimal value, adds to total mana pool)
  • Defense (decimal value, translates into % damage mitigation)
  • Cast Speed (decimal value, translates into % cc duration mitigation)

Weapon stats for each weapon:

  • Base-Damage (decimal value)
  • Auto-Attack Speed (decimal value, into attacks-per-second)

Armor stats for each gear piece:

  • Health (decimal value, adds to total health pool)
  • Mana (decimal value, adds to total mana pool)
  • Defense (decimal value, translates into total damage mitigation)
  • Cast Speed (decimal value, translates into total cc duration mitigation)

We are using a classless, modular system:

  • The usable abilities are bound to the items equipped
  • Weapons grant an auto-attack and 3 abilities each
  • Armor pieces grant 1 ability each
  • Your abilities are determined by the gear that you wear

Basic Item/Inventory System:

  • Items now stack when you pick them up

The following items are modular/interchangeable
and will grant the player active abilities when equipped:

  • Weapon item: (Sword / Hammer / Holy Staff / Frost Staff / Bow)
  • Head item: (Cloth / Leather / Plate)
  • Chest item: (Cloth / Leather / Plate)
  • Feet item: (Cloth / Leather / Plate)


  • Weapon skills, animations, and some effects were installed
  • 5 Weapons were installed with 3 abilities
  • Animations and effects were attached to each
  • Frost, Holy, Hammer, Sword, Bow are the first basic weapons we are introducing into combat

Basic chest/looting system:

  • Ability to choose which items spawn from the chest (used to be random)

Basic paper doll system:

  • Basic testing of layered gear, clothing, and skin system

Owlchemist, 3D Prints, Stardust and more

Transmutation via the Owlchemist:

  • The Owlchemist arrives to Metagates
  • Poop transmutation into Founder’s Shards begins

3D Prints

  • One of a kind, professionally painted Village of Sol 3D prints attached to the blockchain with NFC chips will be auctioned on Holaplex
  • These physical items will come with digital accessories that will be announced during their unveiling


  • The pet system will begin making its way into the game for viewing
  • This will not be a functional pet system yet

More Effects and Sounds

  • More layers of combat effects and sound will be added to the game

Unreal to Blockchain API

  • We will attempt to integrate Stardust API into our trade, loot, and in-game minting system
  • Please be patient, this is our first attempt at integrating blockchain into gaming and it will be a janky experience
  • We are working with multiple teams to make this happen

Patchable Client

  • Our team is working on a patchable client
  • We are also working with storing a lot of data on our servers so fewer patches will be needed during combat testing
  • This is a hurdle for us but we are actively searching for coaches who can help us integrate this faster

Player Houses

  • Houses will be added to the game so players can understand their size, construction, and how they can be decorated
  • These will not be functional yet

Client Upgrades

We will begin upgrading our servers for more player capacity.

  • The patchable client will be available
  • Stardust API should be functional for NFT spawns, basic trades, basic market, and loot testing for our arena system. Most functions will be on Devnet
  • Basic pet fighting systems are planned to be tested

In-game Minting, Housing and Pet Fighting

Basic player housing systems will be installed but janky.

  • The pet fighting system plans to be somewhat operational even if it’s shit
  • In-game minting is planned to be operational
  • Your white list is the ability to play Metagates and mint these effects within the game

Phase 2 Metagates begins

Stay tuned!