Dev Blog: March 2022

Welcome to the second edition of our monthly newsletter!

Welcome to the second edition of our monthly newsletter!

As we are gearing into Phase 2 of development, we’d like to share some of our goals for the month of March.

Animation updates including:

  • Auto attack animations
  • Walking animations
  • Running animations
  • Turning animations
  • Weapon ability animations
  • Improved projectile animations

 Combat updates including:

  • Integration of new armor types (cloth & leather)
  • Integration of armor abilities (9 new total abilities)
  • Integration of combat potions
  • Integration of mediation ability (faster HP gain when standing still)
  • Base damage and other values adjustable on database
  • Haste (speed of auto-attack) integrated on the database
  • Synchronized cast-time matching up with animations
  • Integration of combat arena (fight arena with rewards chest unlocked to winning team)
  • Introduction of monsters
  • Introduction of town guards
  • Players will be immune for short duration upon respawning
  • Bug fixes

UI updates including:

  • Splash screen
  • Integration of friend list
  • Party System – group up with friends & fight those that are not in party
  • Ability to cast on target from party frame
  • Ability to target player (see information like equipped items + HP)
  • Integration of arena queue system
  • Integration of emotes/emote inventory


  • /stuck command to take players back to spawn point