Metagates: Closed Beta

From our Medium Article:

Metagates Closed Beta Testing

How do I get into Metagates closed beta testing?
  • Apply for beta testing here: Closed Beta Questionnaire
  • Join our Discord: Metagates Discord
  • Having valuable playtesting experience is a bonus
  • Owning one of our genesis NFTs is a bonus
  • Be patient and wait. We have over 1000 applications and we are in closed beta for a reason, the game is not ready for open beta yet. We are spending our time fixing bugs and doing quality of life improvements to the game.
  • You will receive a #beta-testers role in Metagates Discord
  • Check pinned messages in #beta-testers for an Elixir beta key
  • Enter the key in Elixir Launcher
  • Just wait. We are entering open beta towards the end of November or early December.
  • Go find 5 of your gamer friends and have them follow us on Twitter and apply for beta and reference you in their application.
  • They don’t have Twitter? Have them post on our Subreddit.