The Owlchemist is live

You have a game with the potential to create millions or hundreds of millions of NFT items that you want on the Solana chain to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. All of these items are worth pennies to dollar range. Minting all of these items directly on the Solana chain before a P2P transaction could be an unnecessary extra step. In the current iteration of The Owlchemist, the item becomes an NFT when minted on the Solana chain to be traded in a P2P transaction.

The Owlchemist grants the ability to mint dynamic items from a game database onto the Solana chain through a queue from our crafting and gathering system based on best TPS, minted items can be listed on a marketplace of choice.

Proof of concept

The current proof of concept is located here:

The program checks a database to ensure items are exchanged and minted on demand. Items can also be preminted and loaded into the Owlchemist wallet to create economic “drip” systems

  • Ability to “Transmute” NFTs. Combine 2–30 NFTs into 1 NFT.
  • Burned items are stored in a custodial wallet, if there is an error in the system then a “game master” can intervene.
  • This is the basis of an item tiering system or crafting system. Mixing potions or making a legendary item are examples.
  • There is a limitation of 10 units per transaction, we have made a queue system that handles 30 NFTs and possibly more.
  • If for some reason the user disconnects and the completed transfer is not complete, the state is recoverable as each transaction is stored on a database and attached to a wallet.