Villagers of Sol: A portal to the Metaverse

At the core of our design, we have built our in-game assets to be Metaverse compatible and 3D printable. Our world-building and in-game lore allow many worlds to enter our own. One of these worlds is the Village of Sol, a collection made by Morbid Machine. 

Check them out:

We will be auctioning off some 1/1 hand-painted, 3D printed, NFC chipped Statues of some Villagers and the Enforcer sometime this summer.

Holders of Village of Sol will receive the following if they make a Metagates account:

  • An honorary title
  • Commemorative Village of Sol Metaverse-compatible skin
  • A statue that can be used to decorate your home.
Enforcer | Villagers of Sol
3D Model of the Enforcer
3D printed Enforcer and Villagers

If there are any other projects you guys would like to see adapted into our Metaverse or 3D printed, please let us know! We have expert digital sculptors, animators, artisans, and artists all over the world in this community and we are always looking for more to add to our arsenal of skills. Our greater utility is having assets that work on as many platforms as possible outside of this game. This game is the proving ground for many technologies to come.