Transmute your “The Business” NFTs

Founder’s Shards

Your “The Business” NFTs can be transmuted into Founder’s Shards using “The Owlchemist” .

Transmuted NFTs will be burned and the Shards can be redeemed for skins and in-game rewards. These rewards are non-related to PVP combat and grant whitelist spots for future Metagates-specific drops which will take place in the game and in our marketplace.

Read the explanation further below for more info!

Rare Founder’s Shard

Game access (includes 12 monthly pledge tokens)
Astral Essence (spawns NFTs)
Rare Title (tradeable NFT)
Rare Skin (tradeable NFT)
Rare Cape (tradeable NFT)

Burn 2 "The Business" NFTs for 1 Rare Shard

Epic Founder’s Shard

Game Access (includes 60 monthly pledge tokens)
Astral Essence (spawns NFTs)
Epic Title (tradeable NFT)
Epic Skin (tradeable NFT)
Epic Cape (tradeable NFT)

Burn 10 "The Business" NFTs for 1 Epic Shard

Legendary Founder’s Shard

Game Access (UNLIMITED)
Astral Essence (spawns NFTs)
Legendary Title (tradeable NFT)
Legendary Skin (tradeable NFT)
Legendary Cape (tradeable NFT)

Burn 30 "The Business" NFTs for 1 Legendary Shard

Got lucky?

Legendary “The Business” NFTs

Each of the 8 Legendary “The Business” NFTs can be transmuted 1:1 for a Legendary Founder’s Shard. Join our discord for more info regarding legendary transmutation!

Type based transmutation

Transmute single “The Business” NFTs

Instead of transmuting a specific amount  of “The Business” NFTs for Founder’s Shards, you can transmute each of them based on its type. (This feature will be implemented later)

Burn Cream or Chocolate types for:

  • Wizard Skin
  • Early adopter melee weapon skin
  • Durability Bonus Trinket

Burn Smurf or Cement types for:

  • Warrior Skin
  • Early adopter ranged weapon skin
  • Cartography Bonus Trinket

Burn Zombie or Nuclear types for:

  • Frontiersman Skin
  • Early adopter pet skin
  • Cooking Bonus trinket

Burn Alien or Magma types for:

  • Vagabond Skin
  • Early adopter decoration item
  • Stealing Bonus Trinket

Burn Slime or Albino types for:

  • Merchant Skin
  • Free Safe zone land in land sale
  • Fishing Bonus Trinket

Burn Solana types for:

  • King Skin
  • Free Combat zone land in land sale